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Whirled Peace

Pinwheels of Peace

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Due to the atrocities of war and poverty, thousands of children are now in orphanages and refugee camps all over the world.

To A World Filled With Compassion And Joy For Our Children And Their Children's Children

Because of the economic restraints that we started feeling in 2008, Unite In Peace, among many other non-profits, had a major financial setback in the receiving of funds that we have had in the past.

We have however been able to gift approximately 1,000 children in Gaza with some of the 17,000 pinwheels that we received from schools and scouts. The children in the orphanages and refugee camps in Kenya and Zambia Africa, and Kabul, Afghanistan are still hoping to receive the pinwheels that have been ready to ship for months.

Hope has been the theme all around the world and it seems that children even in the midst of adversity have hope for their future.

It would be an honor for Unite In Peace to continue to be a part of their hope.

The children in the orphanage in the City of Kabul who Unite In Peace works with had decided months ago to go out onto the streets of Kabul and personally hand distribute the pinwheels to the thousands of children living in the streets, known as "Street Children". What an amazing token of love and connection ALL the children will receive!
When asked about the current conditions in Kabul, Jamshid, director of the orphanages Unite In Peace works with reported this via email:

Kabul is a city that hosts thousands of orphans and widows. Three decades of continuous wars in Afghanistan, particularly in Kabul left behind thousands of deaths and complete collapse of infrastructure. Children and women were of course the prime victims of that ongoing tragedy because they were more vulnerable to attacks than others.

These street children are mostly beggars, child labors (selling water in bus stations, working in mechanic shops and or searching in garbage for a loaf of bread. They lead a horrible life, most of them sleep in streets, some of them have parents but are too poor to support them or drug addicted that don't care about their children.

The water is not clean in Kabul and the majority of people don't have access to drinking water. We boil the water in the orphanage and also add chlorine to it but this is of course an expensive way to provide drinking water to the children.

Thanks for offering to help our children.
Best wishes,


Email michele@UniteInPeace.org with any questions


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